Chiharu (ちはる?) is one of the main characters of the Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution television series.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Although she has the appearance of a pretty girl, she is actually half Inu and human. Her bushy tail is always visible from her ass. She is a tough, take-no-prisoners, very fiery, and considerably aggressive person who has the unyielding personality of a tomboy and exhibits a wild temperament, but is a semi-mystic that has been long living as a human and an outcast because she is half-demon. Once she met Keiichiro, she gradually developed a crush on him.[1]


Chiharu first appears wondering through red-light district where a man with a foot fetish pesters her, because he thinks she is a prostitute.

(Dai-Shogun: "The Alluring Red-Light District and the Foxy Chiharu!")

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Love InterestsEdit

Keiichiro TokugawaEdit

She has a serious crush on him and multiple of occasions she would sneak up on him, including him taking a bath or sleeping.



Chiharu is aware of Hyakusuke and noticing that he has a crush on her. Always shutting him down until he explained to her how he felt about her and she gave in.

Hyougo AsaiEdit

Chiharu also helped, along with Kiriko into the baths when she got Asai out of her clothing. Both Kiriko and Chiharu were flabbergasted to find out that Asai was also a virgin, just like them and her breasts were bigger than Kiriko's. Asai's and Chiharu's relationship are on good terms when both ladies decided to rescue Kiriko from Houkouin after Houkouin kidnapped Kiriko for Hitotsubashi Shigeyoshi.



Kiriko HattoriEdit

Chiharu can't stand Kiriko one bit as she calls Kiriko repeatedly, ice woman. As Kiriko also has a soft spot for Keiichiro, making the two women rivals to win for Keiichiro's heart. However, when there is a situation at hand, the two women works together and set their rivalry aside for another time.



Chiharu helped Keiichiro to battle against Houkouin in his Onigami, Susanoo, and lend a hand with Kiriko and Asai. Chiharu is well aware that Houkouin is no good and will do anything to stop her, although Houkouin overpowers Chiharu on a couple of occasions.

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