Shigeyoshi Hitotsubashi (一橋重義 Hitotsubashi Shigeyoshi) is a character in the anime series, Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution. He is the antagonist of the series, and pilots Tamemikazuchi, whose the antagonist Onigami of the series.

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Shigeyoshi is a tall male with long silver hair, which his split towards the left side of his head, covering the right side of his face, with green eyes. His attire consists of heavy duty silver knight armor with matching arm guards, a skirt-like, black pants, matching knee guards and footwear, which appears to be like heavy knight boots. He has what it appears to be white fur sprouting out from the shoulder side of his armor, along with a white and a red long cape.

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Although, he promised to protect the country and served, he's truly best described as a cruel and ruthless being. He didn't hesitate to slaughter the Shogun after..., but also he's honest as telling the people before him before his sudden execution that if his words are lies, the Onigami wouldn't respond, but if they are true, then the Onigami will answer his call after pointing out how deceiving and wicked Minister Naosuke Ii and his people are.

History Edit

Before the start of the series, twenty-one years ago, nine ships appeared in Uraga Bay, which was known as the Black Ships that carried foreign emissaries who demanded that the shogunate open Japan to trade. As the shogunate refused the offer, the Black Ships started creating chaos as they used their colossal cannons on the village. When no one could do nothing to stop this havoc attack, a Onigami rose to meet the attackers. Its name was Tamemikazuchi, alongside a young Shigeyoshi Hitotsubashi. Using a single, yet powerful strike to destroy the Black Ships, both Tamemikazuchi and Shigeyoshi saved the area of Edo, and peace was returned.

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Master Swordsman- Shigeyoshi possesses great abilities with his katana by easily bisecting Minister Naosuke Ii's head from his body.

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