Hyakusuke (百助?) is one of the main characters of the Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution. He is Keiichiro's best friend.

Appearance Edit

He is a young man with a top-knot hairstyle, along with gray eyes. His outfit consists of a purple scarf, in which he has it wrapped around his neck. He wears a sleeveless yellow long kimono jacket with fur sprouting out from the jacket, along with two red thin arm bands on his upper biceps. He has a huge brown belt around his waist, along with a chain extending towards his backside. He has brown baggy pants, arm guards, tabi socks and sandals.

Personality & CharacterEdit

He is both lecherous and intelligent. Having interest for western technology, he can be seen as a pervert when he usually reminds Keiichiro about the telescope that he built for the two of them to peep at different women who appear at the Cherry Blossom Baths. He is also seen to be loyal and whenever Keiichiro or Otomi need assistance, he is present, not minding to lend a hand. When Chiharu asked Hyakusuke to keep an eye on Kiriko in Episode 3, Hyakusuke freaked out, but yet gave in, since Chiharu brought up that she would give him something in return, which also makes him a pervert, after all Chiharu was speaking of a sexual kind.


Hyakusuke was present at the surrender of the Kuyama Alliance to Keiichiro Tokugawa.



Keiichiro Tokugawa

His best friend. He calls Keiichiro by boss and always lends a hand whenever Keiichiro needs it. The two of them would go and wander in the streets and peep at women who're using the baths with Hyakusuke's telescope, in which he build it himself.


A inu-human whom has a crush on Keiichiro, but Hyakusuke develops one on her, also. He would constantly tell her how he feels about her, but every time that would occur, she would shut him down, until one day Chiharu decided to listen out to him and gave in.


His best friend's "nan." He salutes the retired Iga as he shows nothing more but respect towards her.

Kiriko Hattori
Hyougo Asai

Both Hyakusuke and Asai developed a mutual respect for one another.


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